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Football fans: Left speechless after a game?

Save your voice with these tips from Dr. Arick Forrest, Director of Voice and Swallowing Disorders Clinic at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

  • Drink water before and during the game to keep vocal cords moist.
  • Plan five to 10 minutes of “quiet time” during a game to rest your voice. If you feel your voice getting strained or if you hear a ‘pop,’ stop yelling immediately.
  • “Warm up” vocal cords first before screaming. Vocal cords are muscles and need to warm up; just as runners don’t go from sitting to sprinting without jogging first.
  • Practice “vocal hygiene,” such as drinking a lot of water and talking quietly, to help prevent long-term and permanent damage if a problem does occur.
  • Avoid whispering if you have vocal damage. Whispering is even worse than talking and causes more stress to the vocal cords than soft, conversational speaking.
  • Avoid talking, as much as possible, as well as caffeine, alcohol and cigarette smoke or other harmful chemicals, if your voice box is irritated.
  • Work with a speech therapist to learn proper breath support, particularly if you are a cheerleader or a serious sports fan.

For more information: ow.ly/cOYJK


Parking Information For Patients, Visitors, and Staff On Game Days

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We wanted to share this very important information about parking on Football game days:


FROM:          Eric Kunz
                        Associate Vice President for Facilities and Materiel Management

                        OSU Medical Center


As we prepare for another exciting OSU football season, I want to remind faculty, staff and football_ect01students of traffic and parking changes that will occur around the Medical Center on game days. These changes are designed to make sure that access to the Medical Center and parking remains available for each patient, visitor and staff member working on game days.




* The SAFEAUTO Hospitals Garage, on Westpark Street, will be reserved ONLY for patients, visitors and staff who are working on game days—no football parking.

* Staff members working on game days will need to show traffic officers their parking permit before entering the SAFEAUTO Hospitals Garage.

* Police and Security will be monitoring access to the SAFEAUTO Hospitals Garage to ensure that ONLY patients, visitors and staff who are scheduled to work on game days park in this garage.


orange_barrelTRAFFIC CHANGES

*315 construction between I-670 and North Broadway will significantly impact traffic during the 2009 football season. Staff are encouraged to anticipate delays and changes in traffic patterns on campus and follow the directions of traffic officers.

* Traffic will be heavy before and after the game, more so than in past years. It is recommended that staff allow extra time in their commute if they are scheduled to work on game days.

* The suggested route to the Medical Center campus on game day is to approach campus from the South, using either Neil, 12th, 3rd or King Avenues.



This year’s home games are:

Saturday, September 5 vs. Navy, Noon

Saturday, September 12 vs. USC, 8 p.m.

Saturday, September 26 vs. Illinois, time TBA

Saturday, October 10 vs. Wisconsin, time TBA

Saturday, October 24  vs. Minnesota, Noon

Saturday, October 31 vs. New Mexico State, time TBA

Saturday, November 14 vs. Iowa, time TBA


If you are coming to a game and would like more information about parking, visit the OSU Transportation and Parking Web site at http://www.tp.ohio-state.edu/Events/football.shtml. An updated schedule (as kick off times are announced) can be found at www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com by selecting Football under the Sports drop down menu. For additional information about 315 construction, please visit the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Web site at: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/projects/315/Pages/default.aspx.

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