Is ED Causing Problems with Intimacy?

Except for television commercials, men’s sexual health remains a topic that’s seldom discussed, yet studies show that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) often precedes heart disease symptoms and diagnosis by two-to-four years. Those under age 55 who experience repeated episodes of ED should talk to their physician about whether a cardiac evaluation would be beneficial and whether preventive therapy is indicated. This may aid ED treatment and help prevent a serious heart event that could lead to permanent heart damage.

Certain urologic conditions can also contribute to ED. These conditions may require treatment before oral medications for ED can be used effectively.  Treatment may include oral medications, natural remedies, vacuum erection devices, penile injection therapy, intra-urethral suppositories and penile prostheses. Although occasional ED is normal, men who have repeated difficulty getting or sustaining an erection should talk with their physician or contact an Ohio State urologist.

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2 responses to “Is ED Causing Problems with Intimacy?

  1. Is this covered by insurance?

    • mconnolly2010

      The consultation for ED is covered by insurance. Many treatments are also covered, and your doctor’s office will work directly with your insurance company to determine this after a treatment plan has been established.