EMR Makes Way for Improved Patient Care Areas

In 2008, as OSU Rardin Family Practice Center was poised to initiate an electronic medical record system, Becky Wilkins and Scott Merryman, MD, posed among OSU Rardin’s racks of paper files.

Staff of OSU Rardin Family Practice Center celebrated on May 16 the completion of renovations that will provide patients with an added measure of comfort and convenience. The upgrade included better floor and wall surfaces, more open spaces and brighter lighting, a modern decor and better patient care areas.

Today, Wilkins stands in the same area to show how the move to electronic recordkeeping opened the way for improvements in the patient care environment.

These renovations follow, and are made possible by, the switch to the electronic medical record (EMR) that has also helped staff provide safer, more efficient care.

“With the change to EMR, we had a lot of unused space that formerly held paper charts. In addition, our lobby was too small and not optimal for patient flow or privacy,” explains Becky Wilkins, associate director for Ambulatory Services.

“We completely gutted both areas to create a new space. Not only is the new space beautiful, it was designed with patient flow in mind and gives a great first impression of our Medical Center,” she adds.


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