Ohio State’s Emergency Departments Win HealthGrades Excellence Award for the Third Year

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Emergency Departments have been named recipients of the HealthGrades Emergency Medicine Excellence Award™ for the third year in a row.

Ohio State’s Medical Center Emergency Departments at University Hospital and University Hospital East are the only ones in central Ohio to earn this distinction for 2012.

Recipients of the award represent the top five percent of hospitals in emergency medicine in the nation. This study found that a typical patient is much more likely to survive an emergency hospitalization at a top-performing hospital than at all other hospitals. Ohio State’s Medical Center is one of 263 nationally to receive this award.

For the group of patients reviewed in this study, Emergency Medicine Excellence Hospitals had, on average, 41.52% lower risk‐adjusted mortality than all other hospitals. If all hospitals performed at the level of the Emergency Medicine Excellence Hospitals from 2008 through 2010, an additional 170,856 people could have potentially survived their emergency hospitalization.


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