Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Clay Marsh

On Thursday, February 2, 2012 the annual TechColumbus Innovation Awards will showcase central Ohio’s many achievements by honoring its top innovators.  It is a night of networking, prestige, and celebration.  Winners in 13 award categories will be announced to an audience of 1,100+ attendees. Under the executive leadership of Dr. Clay Marsh, Ohio State’s Center for Personalized Health Care is a semi-finalist in the Innovation in Non-Profit Service Delivery category.

CPHC was selected for its novel approach to transforming healthcare delivery from its current reactive mode of sick care, to a more proactive one that makes health care more predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory – P4 Medicine. The future of medicine focuses on creating systems and processes to deliver key evidence-based practices and to stratify individuals into smaller precise populations to deliver these key interventions. The goal of P4 Medicine is to reduce healthcare costs, improve outcomes and deliver higher quality health care to patients. It embraces the interface between an individual’s unique DNA, environment and behavior to choose the right intervention at the right time for the right person. P4 Medicine utilizes advances in genomics and molecular diagnostics discoveries to provide predictive information that is necessary to tailor, or personalize, disease management approaches for each individual. Ohio State’s Medical Center is pioneering the advancement of P4 Medicine to improve people’s lives.

The TechColumbus Innovation Awards celebrate the spirit of innovation by recognizing outstanding technology achievements in central Ohio.  This prestigious evening showcases the region’s advancements and promising future.  For more information, visit:

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