10 Ways to Add Steps in Your Day

1.  Take the stairs rather than the elevator/escalator, especially for one to three floors, both up and down.

2.  During TV commercials, get up and walk around the house.

3.  Return the shopping cart all the way into the store after grocery shopping.

4.  Marching Minutes – every 30 minutes get up from your desk or chair and do 1-5 minutes of walking in place and stretching your arms, shoulders and neck.

5.  Before eating lunch, take a 10 minute walking break.

6.  If you take your kids to sports or activities, dedicate 10-20 minutes of that time to walking around after dropping them off or when you arrive early to pick them up.

7.  Park in the far back of the parking lot and walk further to the door or get off the bus a stop or two before your usual stop and walk the rest of the way.

8.  Never drive through – get out and park and walk into the bank or fast food stop instead.

9.  When people stop to talk with you, make it a moving meeting and walk around together while chatting.

10.  When making a phone call, stand up and pace around as you talk. Or, rather than phone call or email, walk to a coworker’s office or neighbor’s house and talk to them live.

Nothing will work unless you do.

-John Wooden


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