10 Tips for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

1. Don’t skip meals during the holidays.  Going hungry only makes you susceptible to temptation (a.k.a. overeating!).

2. Have some ready excuses for the host who pushes drinks or more food.  Such as, “Thank you, but everything was so delicious I am stuffed.”

3. Remember, alcohol is very high in calories.  Try mineral water or club soda with a twist of lime instead.

4.  Look over a buffet table first, step away, and then preplan what you will eat.

5.  Decide how you want to spend your calories.  Enjoy your holiday favorites in moderation and skip those foods you can have anytime in the year or don’t really love.

6.  Write down EVERYTHING you eat.

7.  Focus on the other aspects of the season, not just the food.

8.  Be specific and make an eating plan before holiday parties.  If you have a plan on how to handle the situation, it is much easier to cope with temptation.

9.  Keep tempting holiday foods out of sight, in an out-of-the-way place in your home/work environment.

10. If you are bringing a food to a party, take something you would like to eat that is low in calories.

Thanks to Angela Blackstone, RD, LD, at The Ohio State University Medical Center’s Center for Wellness and Prevention for submitting these tips.


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