Burn Safety Tips to Remember on Thanksgiving

photo credit: alltherecipes.com

Dr.  Larry M. Jones, M.D., FACS, is the Director of the Burn Center at The Ohio State University Medical Center, the only adult verified burn center in central Ohio. Unfortunately this time of year, Dr. Jones sees an increase of patients with burns from the kitchen. Here are a few safety tips he offers for those preparing Thanksgiving Meals:

1. If using a disposable foil tray, put the disposable foil pan on a baking sheet to give it added support when removing from the oven.

2. If a grease fire starts in a pan, using a moist towel to hold the pan lid, put the lid on the pan and then remove it from the heat. Do not pick up the pan to take it outside. Do not spray water on burning grease.

3. When using a turkey deep fryer, determine the amount of oil necessary before turning the fryer on. Place the turkey in the fryer and then fill with water to the proper level necessary. Remove the turkey and mark the level of the water. Pour out the water and dry the inside of the fryer and the turkey well. Pour the cooking oil in to the pre-determined level. Doing this will keep from over-filling the fryer with oil and avoid it spilling out when the turkey is immersed.

4. Never leave burning candles, fire gel, cans of Sterno or other flammable material lit and unattended.

5. If small children are around, keep handles of pots facing inward and remain vigilant of what they are doing in the kitchen.

6. If pressure cookers are being used, remember to release all of the steam and pressure before attempting to remove the lid.

7. If a burn does occur, remove the heat source from your body and immediately hold the burned body part under the faucet of cold tap water for about 5 minutes. Seek medical attention for the proper care of the burn.

What cooking safety tips do you follow?


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