OSUMC Promotes Safe Labor in China

Seven participants from The Ohio State University Medical Center traveled to China in August for a week-long trip with No Pain Labor N’ Delivery, an outreach program of the Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology. The program strives to promote safe labor to reduce maternal and fetal death, and advocates for and performs labor epidural analgesia and obstetric anesthesia in countries like China, where the labor epidural analgesia rate has been less than one percent. Along with participants from other major medical centers, they participated in clinical supervision and practice, a day of public education, and attended lectures presented by leading obstetric anesthesiologists, and labor and delivery nurses from the United States. Participants include Yun Xia, Feyce Peralta, Mara Grossman, Dane Yuratich, Sarah Davis, Margaret Daniels and Jennifer Jenkins. Thank you to all who participated and to Dr. Ronald Harter, chairman of Anesthesiology, for his support of the program.

Orientation in China.

Leading obstetric anesthesiologists and labor and delivery nurses presented at the conference.

Volunteers on clinical duty.


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