Cycling Tips from Ohio State Sports Medicine

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Photo credit: The Ohio State University

Whether you are training for Pelotonia, or are taking advantage of the beautiful weather today for a casual bike ride, Ohio State Sports Medicine has tips to help you cycle safe.

Matt Briggs, a sports physical therapist and athletic trainer at Ohio State University Medical Center, shares these tips for bike riders:


  • Make sure you have a good warm-up before your ride and cool down after your ride
  • Keep your bike well maintained and good working order
  • Remember to properly hydrate especially if it is hot and humid
  • Make sure your bike is properly fit to you
  • Visit OSU Sports Medicine for a personalized bike fitting
  • Wear a helmet!
Pelotonia participants should also check out these training tips for all things nutrition, safety, stretching, equipment and rehabilitation.
Training to ride? How do you stay safe while cycling?

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